Vivo’s Newest Phone Shakes the Industry with its In-Screen Fingerprint Reader

Who:  Founded in 2009, Vivo, is a Chinese technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures smartphones, smartphone accessories, software, and online services.

What:  The Vivo X20 Plus is the first ever smartphone with an in-screen fingerprint reader that will be available for purchase. Instead of having a dedicated physical button on the device to read your fingerprint, Vivo has created a way of authenticating one’s fingerprint through the phone’s display.

Where:  Worldwide release at the price of $624.27

When:  First shown off at CES 2018, The actual phone will be launched Jan. 24th, 2018.

Why:  Anytime you can save space on a device that fits in your pocket without losing functionality is a win-win for us all. No longer will there be a need for a dedicated button that takes up space. With more space to work with, more features can be added or improved on. People want big screens but not big phones, this is just one step closer to that.

How Does It Work:
Using AMOLED screen technology, certain pixels can light up when the screen is off indicating where to place your finger, upon authenticating, due to the nature of AMOLED, a camera positioned right underneath the resting finger can take photos through the glass and automatically compare a detailed photo of your fingerprint. And it’s in this process the program compares various data points that are unique to each finger, allowing or rejecting entry.




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