Amazon Go is the Future of Grocery Shopping

Who: Amazon Go is the first brick-and-mortar convenience store from

What: Basically its a convenience store (think of a general gas station store) items range from ready-to-eat meals, salads, beverages, etc. Except there is no cashier, essentially the idea of it is to be able to walk into the store, grab your items and walk out. Then your Amazon account is charged for your purchases.

Where: On the ground floor of Amazon’s new headquarters on Seventh Avenue in Seattle.

When: After five years of testing, it will finally be open to the public today (1/22/18).

Why: Amazon believes it can make checkout lines a thing of the past, by eliminating the need for cashiers more convenience is added.

How Does It Work:
All customers have to download an app, Amazon Go, this is used as your key to enter the store. A QR code is scanned granting you access. The store is fitted with cameras and sensors and using Amazon’s computer vision it’s able to understand what you’ve placed in your basket and tie it to your Amazon account.
It’s not a self-sustaining store, there are still people working. A greeter stands by the entrance, your ID is checked near the booze aisle and at least six workers inside the kitchen prepping meals.



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