Artificial Intelligence Can Visualize What You Are Thinking

who:  Scientists Guohua Shen, Tomoyasu Horikawa, Kei Majima and Yukiyasu Kamitani.

what:  Studying the person’s brain activity the team developed new techniques of “decoding” thoughts using artificial intelligence. The new technique allows the scientists to decode more sophisticated images, which have multiple layers of color and structure, like a picture of a cat or a man wearing a brown jacket.

where:  Four scientists at Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan.

when:  Late December 2017 the team released the results of their recent research on using artificial intelligence to decode thoughts on the scientific platform, BioRxiv.

why:  The visualization technology would allow you to draw pictures or make art simply by imagining something; your dreams could be visualized by a computer; the hallucinations of psychiatric patients could be visualized aiding in their care, and brain-machine interfaces may one day allow communication with imagery or telepathy with one another.


AI to visualize thoughts one.jpg

(flowchart of the process) 



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