Tech YouTubers Explain What Phone They Actually Use

Have you ever wondered what some of the big Tech YouTube creators use for as a personal smartphone? Is it iOS? How about Android? Or the dying BlackBerry, or the completely dead Windows Phone. Well, wonder no more.

Place your bets and let’s find out!

While one evening at CES the big name YouTubers got together and made a small video with Unbox Therapy. He asked each person with a direct question, “Which Smartphone is in your pocket?”

And here we go…

So it looks like the Pixel 2 XL is the most popular among the group at 4-3. People love the stock Android experience and the camera on the Pixels and quite frankly I agree with them completely. It’s to date the best Android phone out there followed with the iPhone X as the best iPhone you can get.

Watch the full video






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